Saturday, April 4, 2009


im gonna losing two of myfriends. yaa both of them are really my bestbestbestbest friends. they're really understanding me. but just in a day im gonna losing them.seriouslyy im not tough enough to face this.whats my fault mann?seriously idont even realize whats my fault?ok fine! i know im SELFISH! but i got many friends to hang with.if taklayan merajuk laa . uhh apa ni? can you please understand me like u did bfre???u knw wht, yesterday since i woke up frm sleep i ddnt take any food yet until i went bck home about 3sumtin baru makan!kat skola tu dahla panas . takkan nak layan kau sorang je babe? please la faham! and if pasal i ddnt gv u seat nxt to me. that one i just joking around but u, u take it seriously. i know u're badmood at tht time bcs UR AKMAL not attending the sports day kan? ahh wake up babe, wake up! u kena sedar! not to say bad thing but izzat! he's good enough for you what! dah ada depan mata taknak pulak kan? ahh seriously laa I WANT MY OLD TASYA! NOT THIS TASYA! like hating ppl, curse everyone,swearing all the time! apa ni? fine if u said u learned all such the things from me! okayokay whatever it is. u're still my bestbestbest friend!i love you! and ill never forget u even we're a thousand miles apart ! remember that!
andd izzat! you've changed a lottt! u're willing to sacrifice not to be friend with me anymore bcs u knows tasya hate u and u're afraid that if i be friend with u then tasya will hate me foreverrrr . :(( uhh im not tough to hear that goddd!

i hope tasya would tell me whats my fault. and who knows may be i can change?yeah not to be SELFISH againn. and fine. to the ppl who really dnt like my attitude; ill change babe! what i need now is, time! the time fr me to change! dont worry, ill change somehow and someday!insyaAllah..

with all the sadness, i wrote it down,