Friday, October 8, 2010

It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return.
But what is more painful is to love someone and never
find the courage to let that person know how you feel.

fuhlamak teghasa kay.

Monday, June 29, 2009

err DARN it mann,!

WTHELL?!!!!okayokay, i may got crush on him , but, just on THAT DAY okay?THAT DAY!
whoaaa, im not blogging yesterday. so, ill tell ya all, what happened yesterday..
lets start with saturday first..
woke up in the morning,go to school.tht day ada OPEN DAY.andand my mum would never ever go to school,signing the record book,ask the tchr bout mee.ahh IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, yeah , i told you so.yeayy mee. my resultssssssss was shitt!ahaa, YOU SHOULD DESERVE IT,MORONE!
i went bck home with sharifafafafa.go to KD9,wehooo.met the tchrs , salam salam sumee.lepaklepak
tht dayy ada fiesta thingy at smk4.and i dont sure it was BLOODYHELLBORED there,so id better sleep in my room and dreaming bout YOUU<3 style="color: rgb(51, 204, 0);">ONLINEONLINEONLINE,homeworkkk ohh homework, why did you exist on earth huhh?i knoww,the tchrs gave us all the stupid thingggs(hmeworks) just to make us a better person for futuree. butt apa hasilnyaaa?HAHAH, ramai jugak org the night,chattin with STUPIDOezlan.he was really freakin annoyin.kalau tk cri psl ngan aku sehari tk sah.sheesh!

nothing interesting todayy. just like a BOHORING day!ustaz not came in today.but he will relief his period tmrrw and SHIT!tmrw supposed to hv no agama!but cikgu rasiydi nk masuk sbb nak explain tht percentage blablablaaa tuh!haishooo~~

i guess its over now,
-shamimy shokri-

Friday, April 24, 2009

marching babyy :)

today ada thats unit beruniform thingy . at first i wanna skip that but dad got any other events so better i go to school . ada DANIAL :D and yeah marching marching . mula2 ada test what test tah laa . and yeah i got 35/60 :) ok lah tu kann? test tu mcm agak susah laa . bila recess , ada lah one kakak f2 ni . apa nama dia pun aku taktau la . but she knows my name . abnormal (: masa tgh queue nak buys sth she said ' Shamimy, tu Danial Hazuki' and i was like 'Whatthehell wei?' while keep grinning around pasal Danial tu laa . haihss . 'fyi people, i just anggap danial tu mcm abang angkat i sendiri lah' but my feelings toward him still cant change (: then, after bought the currypuff me and farah we went searching for place to seat . andand i saw Johan! wtf?!! bengang gila sial! aku cam hot gila at that time . yg nak pegi cari tempat duduk jadi takjadi! isyy johan punya pasal laa ni! finally, i got the place! we seat and borakborak till 9.50 . then go back to hall ada marching :) the best part ever . ahahh . marching tgh panas . luckily i ve wore sunblock so agak2 risk untuk kena sunburn tu cam takde laa teruk sangat heheh :D saya takmahu jadi hitam again macam semasa saya di primary school dahulu :) marching till sweating mcm mandi doe! basah gila aaa . baru sikit je en sha? masuk krs kena kuat laah . shar,nad,tasyy,farah semua merungut . hahah . me? i chill je :) but right now tgh sakit kaki laah . tapi takpe nak jumpa danial punya pasal kan? heheh
marching till 11.35 . lebih masa ohh . then tasyy ajak pegi canteen and i agree but malas lah pulak then pegi laa pondok but tasyy nak gi canteen jugak and dad pun tak sampai lagi so pegi je lah . otw nak gi canteen jumpa Fan :) tasya's boyfiee . ya Allah tak handsome rupanya . tasya pulak malu2 cat pulakk. haiyyo me and farah actly wanna leave them so then boleh la date together but tasya marah so teman je laa . sampai canteen tasya nk bli air . dia suruh aku beli?!!! boyfriend ada bukan nak suruh kan?! then aku ckp suruh laa ur Fan tuh! then dia kasi duit kat fan but fan nak blanja . Baik nya boyfriend . boyfriend aku dulu takde pun nak blanje! then tasya nak balik but fan ckp chill aa dulu en but tasya refused dia nak balik jugak so terpaksa laah . fan kejar dia sihhh! romantic sial! bila fan jumpa johan tasya and me ktorg lari . hahah deserve u fan!
dia kejar smpai tasya balik ohhh! lucky tasya dpt bf camtuhh!

yesterday happy gila doe! wee~~ chat ngan Danial! dah suka balik nampaknyaaa

ok thats all for today

oh's and eh'h
sha shokri

Thursday, April 23, 2009


well feel so long since i haven't blogging . bukan rindu tapii ntah laa . nak luahkan perasaan! well , i currently dont have anyone who'd really special to me. wee~ me and haris, we had broke up since last 2 weeks . and yeah i do have a new crush ; Danial Hazuki . at first farah introduced him to me and i said 'handsome jugaklah mamat tu' 'kau jangan nak rampas oke!' ' ok ok' andd yeah few weeks lps tu farah got a new crush : Syarifuddin kot? but syudai lah for sure . i dont really remember his full names . butbut Dan moreee better than him doe! at that time i still ngan haris but i dont really comfort with our relationship . dia cam really serious . and well like ya all know me i dont really serious at any thing . even its an URGENT things . :DD ive fell into Dan when im still with myboyfiee . kerja gila aa weii . 'Dear Haris Razak, im sorry for just playing around with ur feelings . I do love u actually but idk whyyy' andand back to Dan , i heard kak lisa got crush with Dan and Dan too . imma bit dissapointed laa actually . like i dont know who should i love now.. 'alah takpe lah sha baru form 1 je, takde boyfriend lagi bagus' yeayea i know that tapi bosan lah takde boyfriend . ummm , good bye Danial Hazuki , im not going to love you again and again . ill pray for you and kak lisa's happiness . :) in the hard way im letting you go away from my heart .
huhu nak tak how me and haris broke up? ~~ im not a good girlfriend actually . nak suruh org dengar ckp aku je . haihs apa nak jadi lah sha? sensitive je keje . like he really exhausted takbole ke nak faham dia kan kan kan ? ala whatever lah things happened bukan boleh change anything pun kan . so redha je la .
and today, got thats nasyid thingy . im participated actually but i absent yesterday bcs of GASTRIK. (i tell you bapak sakit aah weii . sampai aku nangis nangis :DDD) so im out from nasyid . :)) nasyid was damn bored but quite fun sbb dapat skip class . yesterday pegi OU ngan mommy and baby . beli baju kat forever 21 . :) satu je sbb mommy nak rush . but nevermind lah esok nak shopping lagi . skip koko :) umm nak blog apa lagi eh? lalalalalalala boring aa . nak boyfriendddd?!! mana boyfriend aku?!!! 'remember sha, no more dan ok?!!dan tu kak alisa punya' ' ok ok, im trying . and pray for me' (: . lama lah takchat ngan haider . rindu aa plak .

pakcik muhammad ! said:
aku layan kau nnti
shaaa, said:
pakcik muhammad ! said:
aku nk makan
shaaa, said:
umm okay
pakcik muhammad ! said:
and ckp dgn haris
and tgk bola
and aku tk tau
shaaa, said:
bye pakcik ku yg tersayang!

i miss you lah pakcik :)

bbye, gtg

oh's and eh's

Saturday, April 4, 2009


im gonna losing two of myfriends. yaa both of them are really my bestbestbestbest friends. they're really understanding me. but just in a day im gonna losing them.seriouslyy im not tough enough to face this.whats my fault mann?seriously idont even realize whats my fault?ok fine! i know im SELFISH! but i got many friends to hang with.if taklayan merajuk laa . uhh apa ni? can you please understand me like u did bfre???u knw wht, yesterday since i woke up frm sleep i ddnt take any food yet until i went bck home about 3sumtin baru makan!kat skola tu dahla panas . takkan nak layan kau sorang je babe? please la faham! and if pasal i ddnt gv u seat nxt to me. that one i just joking around but u, u take it seriously. i know u're badmood at tht time bcs UR AKMAL not attending the sports day kan? ahh wake up babe, wake up! u kena sedar! not to say bad thing but izzat! he's good enough for you what! dah ada depan mata taknak pulak kan? ahh seriously laa I WANT MY OLD TASYA! NOT THIS TASYA! like hating ppl, curse everyone,swearing all the time! apa ni? fine if u said u learned all such the things from me! okayokay whatever it is. u're still my bestbestbest friend!i love you! and ill never forget u even we're a thousand miles apart ! remember that!
andd izzat! you've changed a lottt! u're willing to sacrifice not to be friend with me anymore bcs u knows tasya hate u and u're afraid that if i be friend with u then tasya will hate me foreverrrr . :(( uhh im not tough to hear that goddd!

i hope tasya would tell me whats my fault. and who knows may be i can change?yeah not to be SELFISH againn. and fine. to the ppl who really dnt like my attitude; ill change babe! what i need now is, time! the time fr me to change! dont worry, ill change somehow and someday!insyaAllah..

with all the sadness, i wrote it down,

Friday, April 3, 2009


today was pretty good.gather with all the girls was fun since they're my new girlfriendssss!yaa welcome to the club babyy!well now maybe u're happy be friend with me but soon idts bcs IM NOT A GOOD FRIEND!hell yeah, theres someone said im not a good friend!fine, im not good enough for u then find someone else who are moooooore perfect than me!im not good enough! i cant take care of u!im not smart enough and i know that! u dont hv to tell me pun i tau laa! uhh, if u dont like my attitude then talk to me nicely! maybe i can change! ya i can change!not talk bad things about me to someone else!i really cant accept that!u're my friend and we seat next to each other but yesterday u're trying to escape from me rite?u go to anis and gang and do ur work there!fine maybe i cant treat u well like they treat u!u know what, i never care about you! and if u said me and mybabes, we like talking about guys? ahh my like la! if u said me and mybabes yg buat ur exam's result teruk! THAT ONE I REALLY CANT ACCEPT! IF I BLAME U ABOUT MY EXAM'S RESULT THEN U MUST GOING MAD RITE!AND YEAH I DID SO!I'LL TAKE THAT WORD SEBAGAI CABARAN!AND ONE DAY ILL PROOF IT TO U! AKU CAKAP PASAL LAKI PUN EXAM'S RESULT AKU STILL BAGUS AA! KAU IGT KAU PANDAI SGT? PEGI MATI LA WEI!KAU NAK KAWAN NGAN ORG BAGUS JE EN?AKU TAU AA KAU KWN NGAN AKU NAK TUMPANG GLAM JE AN?AHHH FORGET IT!IF AKU DGR KAU CKP PAPE BLAKANG AKU LAGI.SUMPAH AKU TAKLAYAN KAU LAGI!FORGOD'S SAKE!

after school me,nas,lia,farah and others plan nak gi kfc! gi makanmakan and takephotos.makan kenyang gila! after makanmakan gi toilet takephotos!hahaha. me and alia masuk toilet and snapsnap .

thats all for today,

Monday, March 16, 2009

holiday peeps (:

heyhey.happy holiday ppl! (: yay!the holidays is going to start~~wth?going to start? bodo kau shamimy.dah start aa! anddd life like a prisoner starting too! uhuh! todayy bapak boring sial kalau tak boring aku takkan post blog! countdown for wednesday,,bebas dari kebosanan yg cam babi buduh!aku bosan aku bosan aku bosan!ahhhhh, takde sape kesah an kalau aku bosan!lalalala,peduli ape aku . ahaaaa!betina tuuu pukimak lancau babi tol aaa! nak kacau kacau plak! memang sial lah kau betina! die aku punye!dont get it? oww ke kau nak aku pegi kat muke kau then slap sejuta kali? aaaa stop it lah shamimy! ok ok aku stop ! kalau aku tak stop kau nak kasi ape????? taik kau yg baru kluar! ahhhhhhhh bodo kau shamimy . cakap tak senonoh!
weyyyyy aku bosan aku bosan aku bosan aku bosan!!!!!!!! bapakkkk ah takde sorang pon nak layan aku! memang sial la korang! b to the o to the r to the e to the dddddddddddd! last day school memang bapak boring ah , ceramah je! fatin sharktale babi bodoh tu ponn duhh tau la penceramah tu pakcik kauu tapi takyah aa nak declare sedunia yg die pakcik kau . kalau pakcik kau tu hensem tak pe gak aah tapi ni agak agak aa sket . dah tue do!

pada abad ini sumpah aku bosan bosan bosan . ehh dah berjuta kali aku cakap enn? ahhhhh,peduli ape!blog aku ennnn!ikut aku aa nak tulis ape!!!!!
ahhhhhhhhhhh, aku mencarut kang baru satu dunia nak dengar yang aku ni bosan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aaaaaa,matimatimati! baik aku mati aaa lagi bagus!!