Friday, January 9, 2009


Who are your top 8?
1.Natasya Rosli
2.Sharifah Ainin Sofia
3.Natasha Firdaus
4.Nadiah Maisarah
5.Farra Aliah
**The Questions**
1)Do you love number 5?
as a friend?yeah.tak salah enn

2)Does number 3 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
yess.tak caye??haha.

3)Are you dating anyone on your top?
yupp.all of them.i guess.haha

4)how long have you known 8?
3yrs la kot.

5)where did you meet 7?
kat skolah?kan?

6)have you ever kissed 3?
yeah.friendly kiss kan?

7)How you ever hugged 5?
yes yes.haha

8)Have you slept over 2’s house?
insyaAllah.dalam process.haha

9)what do you do when you hang out with 6?

10)Does 1 make you laugh?
yup.a lot!!

11)Have you ever talked to 4 on AIM?

12)Do you go to school with number 2? lah.

13)Do you know 5’s middle name?
binti laah.aiyyo!

14)What is a inside joke between you and number 2?

15)What do you do when you hang out with 5?
kami akan jadi gilaaa XD

16)Would you do anything for 7?

17)Is 3 one of your best friends?

18)What would you change about 1?
nothing kot.everything perfect

19)Has 8 ever thought you anything?
ntah.da lupe ah babe.

20)Does number 6 annoy you?
yup.a lot. ;(