Friday, April 3, 2009


today was pretty good.gather with all the girls was fun since they're my new girlfriendssss!yaa welcome to the club babyy!well now maybe u're happy be friend with me but soon idts bcs IM NOT A GOOD FRIEND!hell yeah, theres someone said im not a good friend!fine, im not good enough for u then find someone else who are moooooore perfect than me!im not good enough! i cant take care of u!im not smart enough and i know that! u dont hv to tell me pun i tau laa! uhh, if u dont like my attitude then talk to me nicely! maybe i can change! ya i can change!not talk bad things about me to someone else!i really cant accept that!u're my friend and we seat next to each other but yesterday u're trying to escape from me rite?u go to anis and gang and do ur work there!fine maybe i cant treat u well like they treat u!u know what, i never care about you! and if u said me and mybabes, we like talking about guys? ahh my like la! if u said me and mybabes yg buat ur exam's result teruk! THAT ONE I REALLY CANT ACCEPT! IF I BLAME U ABOUT MY EXAM'S RESULT THEN U MUST GOING MAD RITE!AND YEAH I DID SO!I'LL TAKE THAT WORD SEBAGAI CABARAN!AND ONE DAY ILL PROOF IT TO U! AKU CAKAP PASAL LAKI PUN EXAM'S RESULT AKU STILL BAGUS AA! KAU IGT KAU PANDAI SGT? PEGI MATI LA WEI!KAU NAK KAWAN NGAN ORG BAGUS JE EN?AKU TAU AA KAU KWN NGAN AKU NAK TUMPANG GLAM JE AN?AHHH FORGET IT!IF AKU DGR KAU CKP PAPE BLAKANG AKU LAGI.SUMPAH AKU TAKLAYAN KAU LAGI!FORGOD'S SAKE!

after school me,nas,lia,farah and others plan nak gi kfc! gi makanmakan and takephotos.makan kenyang gila! after makanmakan gi toilet takephotos!hahaha. me and alia masuk toilet and snapsnap .

thats all for today,